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HTC U12+

HTC U12+ Review

HTC U12+ might just be least-hyped smartphone of the year. It arrives at end of a long spree of flagship announcements and without any fanfare, hype, or glamour of many of its rivals. Yet again, HTC's flagship for 2018 follows HTC U11's footsteps by having a superb camera experience and snappy software. Stylish design and formidable specifications make it ideal for those seeking a premium smartphone, but don't have disposable income for an Apple iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S9+. Question now remains, can HTC make you care about it again? Does HTC U12+ provide enough reasons for users to opt for an HTC device in this highly competitive smartphone market? Let's find out.

OnePlus 6

OnePlus 6 Review

For seven generations of phones, OnePlus pursued a goal of delivering latest technology at an affordable price. Four years later, we now have OnePlus 6 which sits in between "just a yearly evolution" and "major overhaul." This new phone costs nearly double what OnePlus One did and $30 more than last November's OnePlus 5T. Competing with Samsung Galaxy S9, Apple iPhone X and LG G7, is OnePlus 6's improved cameras, faster processor, increased RAM and new slick-looking glass-covered body worth its price? Or does it hold true to a winning formula, a premium smartphone with top-end specs that costs less than half the price of an Apple iPhone X? Let's find out.

LG G7 ThinQ

LG G7 ThinQ Review

LG's latest flagship device, LG G7 ThinkQ is their best phone in years, coming very close to being a great phone. Packing top of the line specs, a modern design and a bright new display, it has a lot going on in hardware department, however, there's lack of any strong visual identity that sets up top phones apart. There are several reasons why many LG fans worldwide will enjoy this phone and considering that it will be priced lower than an Apple iPhone X or Huawei P20 Pro, there's a good chance LG can get some market share with this phone. Whether or not this latest device from LG is capable to get LG back on track, let's find out.

Xiaomi Black Shark

Xiaomi Black Shark Review

Mobile gaming has been extremely popular in recent times, with top games like PUBG and Fortnite launching their mobile editions. All of this mobile gaming hype has paved a way for smartphone manufacturers to consider another market for their smartphones which focuses solely on gaming. We have seen Razer introducing their gaming smartphone, one which started this gaming revolution in smartphone industry, and following suit now is Xiaomi. With a deal signed with a Chinese gaming company, Xiaomi has entered smartphone gaming market and launched their first ever gaming smartphone, Xiaomi Black Shark. As Razer phone couldn't live up to the expectation and could not penetrate into smartphone market, does Xiaomi Black Shark has the formula to be a success or is it just another Razer phone? Let's find out.

Huawei P20 Pro

Huawei P20 Pro Review

Huawei has launched a new phone of its P-series line up, the Huawei P20 Pro. Even though it's the successor to older Huawei P10 Pro, Huawei has decided to name it P20 and not P11 as they claim the phone is a huge step forward from the older Huawei P10 Pro and not just an incremental update. With its revamped high-end design and a stellar camera setup, the Huawei P20 Pro aims to compete with the flagships phones of 2018, already making waves in the tech world due to its superior hardware choice and a brand-new camera setup. There was no better time to launch this phone with Samsung launching its flagship the Samsung Galaxy S9, which is a brilliant phone but unquestionably incremental. With some major design and camera changes, is this the phone which will take Huawei towards the title of smartphone of the year? Let's find out.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Review

Almost all current flagships these days have made efforts to have a bezel-less display, with Apple and Samsung leading the race. However, it was not these two smartphone manufacturers who introduced the concept of bezel-less display phones, it was Xiaomi. Chinese manufacturer started this trend with their phone Xiaomi Mi Mix and continuing that trend for year 2018, they have launched a brand new bezel-less device, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S. It's every bit as sleek as previous models, but this time Xiaomi has made a bold claim of competing with Apple's iPhone X. Question remains, is this phone worthy of competing mighty Apple or is it yet another Chinese smartphone trying hard to mimic American smartphone giant?

Huawei Mate RS Porsche Design

Huawei Mate RS Porsche Design Review

Huawei and Porsche Design's partnership has yielded three smartphones, with latest being their best smartphone to date, Huawei Mate RS Porsche Design. RS, which stands for Racing Sport gives away hint that this phone is going to look sporty and come with top of the line specs, and that is indeed what's happening. Huawei has positioned this phone in market as a luxury phone, targeted to niche market of users who want to have a fairly expensive device at their disposal. Phone comes with interesting design and hardware choices, with some top features, couple of them being first to be seen on a smartphone yet. With a luxurious look, Porsche Design tag and futuristic features, does this phone justifies its price tag or is it yet another smartphone only bound to be bought for its status factor? Let's find out.

Oppo F7

Oppo F7 Review

Oppo has gained a lot of popularity in South East Asian markets in recent times due to their novelty in being the "Selfie Expert" which is also their marketing tagline. Their F-series line of smartphones are ones which come with some great front cameras and take really good selfies. For the year 2018, Oppo has introduced their brand-new Selfie Expert, Oppo F7. This is a relatively different looking phone with a new design, notched display, some impressive specs, and an all new sensor for front camera. On paper, this phone looks to boast some really good specs, but is this phone worth an upgrade from the previous Oppo F5? Let's find out.

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