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Xiaomi Mi A2 (Mi 6X)

Xiaomi Mi A2 (Mi 6X) Review

Less than a year ago, Xiaomi launched their first phone to support Google One platform, Xiaomi Mi A1. When they launched that phone last year, company's collaboration with stock Android software was an experiment, but having seen unprecedented success with that device, that phone is now part of Xiaomi's yearly cycle. Hence, for year 2018, Xiaomi has launched their new Android One phone, Xiaomi Mi A2 (Also known as Xiaomi Mi 6X in China). It's a phone that sports stock-like Android software, miles apart from Xiaomi's usual MIUI implementation, a software the company really banks on to engage its community. It is a budget device, which aims to deliver some flagship results at a low price point. With an all new camera setup, beefed up specs from last year and some design changes, Xiaomi's latest entrant seems to be ready to take the crown of budget phone of year 2018. Its predecessor was a success, but will Xiaomi Mi A2 implement its position in market as well as last year's model? Let's find out.

Nokia 6.1 Plus (Nokia X6)

Nokia 6.1 Plus (Nokia X6) Review

HMD Global has launched its new flagship, Nokia X6, in China. This device, previously seen with name Nokia X, was unveiled in Beijing earlier this month. It seemed at first that HMD Global would be avoiding the trend and going against common practices in Android market. It did, after all, put nearly pure Android in its Nokia phones but with Nokia X6, it proved it could also play a part in notch game. It aims to offer mid-range specs in a premium-feeling body and is first Nokia smartphone to come equipped with Snapdragon 636 processor. With a premium looking body, notched display and good overall midrange specs, does Nokia X6 has what it takes to win midrange segment in Android market in 2018? Especially when there are some majorly popular phones in this segment, such as Xiaomi Note 5 Pro? Let's find out.

Xiaomi Mi Max 3

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Review

There was a time when cellphone manufacturers were in a race to develop the smallest phone. Well, those days are gone now as phones are getting bigger and bigger, with everyone trying to fit more screen real estate and Xiaomi is one of those smartphone manufacturers who excel at making really large devices. Their largest series, Mi Max, is getting a new variant this year, dubbed as Xiaomi Mi Max 3. With a tablet-sized 6.9-inch screen, Xiaomi Mi Max 3 is a phone for anyone who really want a phone bigger than an ordinary smartphone. This year, Xiaomi has updated their largest device to an all new display, new dual camera setup and a battery larger than ever. Everything about it on paper looks massive as this is a phone of a colossal size but question remains, is it also as massive with its caliber as it is with size? Will Xiaomi's new mammoth of a phone be able to impress users? Let's find out.

Huawei nova 3i

Huawei nova 3i Review

Chinese mobile manufacturer Huawei has been consistently raising bar for smartphone cameras, especially with its previous flagship release of Huawei P20 series. Huawei may have trouble getting its phones into USA, but that hasn't stopped it from trying to dominate rest of the world. Huawei P20 Pro in particular, received huge praise for its smart photography capabilities, but it sits in premium category of smartphones with a hefty price tag. Its latest addition to Nova series, Huawei Nova 3i, recently made its debut on July 18 and is a new entrant to mid-range smartphone market. With a very wallet-friendly pricing at less than $400, I am very excited to see if this particular device lives up to Huawei's phone photography expectations. With a stellar design and impressive photography capabilities, will Huawei's new midrange entrant capture market or is it going to leave a weak impact? Let's find out.

Oppo Find X

Oppo Find X Review

A decade ago, phone companies like Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung came out with most unique smartphone designs, pushing boundaries of innovation to perfect mobile experience. Fast forward to today and every smartphone company is pushing to the bottleneck race of having a full screen design. Oppo, being a very surprising candidate to that race, seems to be winning right now with their brand-new flagship, Oppo Find X. Phone pushes limits like never before and comes with a unique solution for all screen display. It's not the first phone to be doing this, as Vivo NEX S does somewhat similar to what Oppo has done so let's find out what makes Oppo Find X so special and whether it has potential to be the best smartphone of 2018, beating tech giants like Apple and Samsung.

Vivo NEX S

Vivo NEX S Review

Vivo showed a concept phone called Apex at Mobile World Congress 2018 which was a first true bezel-less smartphone. It looked like a far-fetched concept at that time but here we are, after just four months with a brand-new flagship device from Vivo which is an actual finished version of Apex. Vivo is calling this phone Vivo NEX S and its display is closest to bezel-less as it gets. Phone features some remarkable futuristic features, leaving tech giants like Apple and Samsung way behind but is it a glimpse at future of smartphones? Or is it just a concept which will die out? Let's find out.

BlackBerry Key2

BlackBerry Key2 Review

Who would have thought that we will be getting smartphones with physical keyboard in this age and time, until Blackberry adapted Android and released their phones using Android OS. Since then, they have been releasing some phones and the one which got most hype was Blackberry KeyOne. Now, for 2018, Blackberry has released yet another edition of their Key series flagships, Blackberry Key2 and its fair to say, this looks like Blackberry might just be back in the game. It is a phone defined by its most retro feature: physical keyboard. Just about every design, software, and hardware decision manufacturer TCL has made comes down to physical keys in some way, whether it's form-factor, size of touchscreen, or their new "Speed Key" that promises to make navigating Android 8.1 Oreo a lot smoother. Whether or not this brand-new device from Blackberry holds the formula to be a success in market, let's find out.

Motorola Moto Z3 Play

Motorola Moto Z3 Play Review

Motorola unveiled its Moto Z line of devices in 2016, which was a new series from company under its new owner Lenovo. Firm also unveiled Moto Mods to go alongside it, modules that could be attached at back of a compatible phone and do all sorts of things, from giving phone more juice, adding a speaker, giving it a better camera and so much more. Now for 2018, Motorola has launched its new Z series phone, Motorola Moto Z3 Play. It's the latest entry in Z series lineup with support for swappable mods and midrange specs for a midrange price point. Overall design remains similar to previous Z-series phones and being a Play device, this should be one designed for users who love to use their phones for long hours. Question remains, whether Motorola's new Z-series entrant remains triumphant in impressing its supposed audience or is it another modular device with a very short hype life? Let's find out.

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