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Apple iPhone Xs Max Review

After a summer of fairly accurate rumors, Apple launched three new iPhones, Apple iPhone XS Max, Apple iPhone XS and Apple iPhone XR. One criticism we hear often about Apple iPhone X is that its 5.8-inch screen simply isn't big enough. Last year, big-screen lovers had to opt for less fully-featured Apple iPhone 8 Plus to get most of screen real estate. Well, not anymore as Apple's iPhone XS Max offers the biggest screen available in an iPhone to date, along with many of top-shelf features like Face ID. It's a perfect option for people who want to upgrade from older Plus models as it features an all new display, a much powerful processor and improved camera setup. Only concern remains, it comes with a pretty hefty price tag, way over 1000-dollar price point. For some users, however, price won't be a major concern, as Apple has one of the most loyal fan following. So, let's dive deep into Apple's latest plus sized flagship and find out whether it is worth the hype or you're just better off with smaller Apple iPhone XS.

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