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QMobile Noir J7

QMobile Noir J7 Review

Qmobile Noir J7 is latest phone from Qmobile, which has 5.5 inch HD IPS display with 720p resolution. Phone has 13mp back and 5mp front camera. And powered by 2.2ghz octacore processor and 3gb of RAM.

This phone is actually made by Gionee which is Chinese company and the model name is Gionee P7 Max, and Qmobile launches that mobile in Pakistan by the collaboration with Gionee.

QMobile Noir S6

QMobile Noir S6 Review

Qmobile Noir S6 is mid range mobile phone from Qmobile which has 5 inch HD IPS screen with 720p resolution. Phone has 13mp back and 5mp front camera. Phone is powered by 1.3ghz quadcore processor and 2gb of RAM. The main feature of the phone is finger print sensor which is located on the front of the phone below screen.

QMobile Noir Z14

QMobile Noir Z14 Review

Qmobile Noir Z14 is latest flagship phone from Qmobile, which has 5.5 inch FHD IPS screen with 1080p resolution. Phone has 13mp back and 8mp front camera. Qmobile Noir Z14 is powered by 1.8ghz octacore processor and 4gb of RAM.

This phone is actually made by Gionee which is Chinese company and the model name is Gionee S6 Pro and Qmobile launches that mobile in Pakistan by the collaboration with Gionee.

Only difference between Gionee S6 Pro and Qmobile Z14 is that S6 Pro has 64gb of internal storage while Z14 has 32gb.

Same mobile is also launched by Allview which is Romanian company and the model name is Allview X3 Soul Plus.

HTC 10

HTC 10 Review

Over the last couple of years it could be said that HTC has seen a bit of a rough patch after couple releases of the flagship line that fell just short of taking on the competition the 10th try may hopefully be the charm. Is it truly the HTC phone we've been waiting for a while.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

Samsung have finally done it they have perfected their design language taking the same metal frame and the dual glass panels from last year with the Samsung Galaxy S6 they have further refine the design and now have made one of the most accessible phones ever. The 5.1 inch screen size really helps with the handling but the bezels on the sides are also very respectable, but it's really those curves on the back of the phone that make all of the difference.


LG G5 Review

LG G5 is the successor of last year's LG G4 but it's really nothing like it, for the most part the LG G5 is a completely different phone altogether and a lot of that has to do with the design now there's been a lot of controversy or confusion about the design of the LG G5. Lots of people really curious if the phone is even really made of metal or is it made of plastic or a combination of the two but the truth is the phone is made of metal it's a die-cast unibody design but has undergone LG secret treatment process that they call micro dicing which essentially put a layer of primer and paint on the body.

Microsoft Lumia 535

Microsoft Lumia 535 Review

The same Lumia design, build quality, color vibrance, familiar kit – its all there. What is missing is the logo, replaced by another one. While Microsoft has taken over operations, it has started out with a basic entry level smartphone that is released to a wide audience. The same reliable and affordably priced smartphone is yet again the focus of Microsoft, following in the footsteps of Nokia. Even the screen size is similar to the last release from Nokia, the Nokia Lumia 830 – both touch 5 inches, and have IPS LCD capacitive displays. The resolution has been taken up for the display though, going to qHD level which though not ideal on a 5 inch display, is not unheard of either.

The Lumia 535 seems to have selected the camera on the Lumia 520 for itself, adding an LED flash for benefit. There is a front facing selfie camera though for benefit, contrary to the Lumia 520, close to the Lumia 735 – the CPU is one of the cheapest from Qualcomm, though it has got a couple of additional cores still, Microsoft has been known to purr along smoothly with even the lowest of hardware requirements.

Microsoft has added in the dual-SIM card for further attraction. The classy design with great color options is still available, and the large screen, as well as good front facer and selfie camera all make up for quite a package coming in at an economy price. Even with a not too pixel-rich display, the screen property does come handy, be it for browsing, using social networks, messaging or email, or for Office related tasks.

Of course there are some negatives to consider, topping which is the video recorder, which standing at 480p is not something to even talk about, considering the competition is working on UHD recording. Still, the puzzling 480p recording is tried to be covered up by providing a wide-angle front facer, which can benefit both selfies and Skype calls, among others.

There is a long list of plus points, and some negatives, both associated to the Lumia 535, though at the end of the day, it does look like a promising startup phone for budget users. Lets see how the details come out to see what really the Microsoft Lumia 535 is made of.

Oppo R5

Oppo R5 Review

The Oppo team came out with the Oppo R5 to snatch the thinnest smartphone award from the Qmobile Z6 and Gionee Elife S5.5 recently, though the same happened to them some days later too by Gionee Elife S5.1. Still, with the slim and classy smartphone that the Oppo R5 is, it definitely deserves further exploration and detailed look over.

The Oppo R5 comes in a hand-polished aluminum alloy, which has special elements inside for liquid-metal phase-shifting for keeping the processors temperature under control. The Oppo R5 has Snapdragon 615 chipset, with four chipsets running at 1.5GHz and four at 1GHz, so it does require the cooling mech – it has the Adreno 405 graphics accelerator to boot.

The 5.2 inch display is Super AMOLED at 1080p and has a 13MP main snapper consisting of fast focus, an option for Ultra HD recording at 50MP, refocus mode, low-light slow-shutter, dedicated mic for recording, which is assisted by the 5MP front facer. The Oppo R5 has LTE too, and the rapid charging is a welcome sight, as is the reduced size of the charger.

Such a slim body will always have some side effects, and we can see the omission of the 3.5mm audio jack as one of those, which alternately, has been accommodated using the microUSB port – at least some consolation lies in the fact that since the adapter is available, any headset can be used. The absence of memory expansion and the less than desired battery size are the difficult parts, though we will be taking an overall look too, so that only these factors are not the highlighted ones. The charging also is sometimes an issue, since we found the Oppo R5 to charge with only the original charger provided. The 1080p videos are not present at 60fps at this time, as Oppo has stated these will be provided with a software update, so let’s hope for the best.

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