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Saima Ameen (Posted On: 03 Sep, 2013)
Posted In: Moral SMS

A professor drew a straight line on blackboard and asked that how it could be made small without rubbing any part of it.

Students failed to answer.

Then the Professor drew an other line parallel to the previous but longer in length and said,"In life it is not necessary to make others small to win..You have to simply make yourself bigger than others..!!"

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Mansoor (Posted On: 21 Nov, 2012)
Posted In: Moral SMS

Kbhi bhi ksi k badlte hoy lehje ki wazahat mt mangen,

Q k

jb lehje badl jaen to phir wazahaten kesi???

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Jamal (Posted On: 19 Nov, 2012)
Posted In: Moral SMS

A 24 yrs 0ld boy seeing out 4rm the Train's windw shouted:

"Dad, look the trees r going bhnd!"

Dad smild n a yng couple sittng nearby, lookd at 24 yr old's childish bhavior with pity,

Suddnly he again exclaimd:

"Dad, look the clouds r runnng with us!"

The couple cldn't resist n said 2 the old man

"Why don't u take ur son to a gud dctr?

The old man smiled n said:

"Yes I did n we r just comng 4rm hospital,my son was BLIND 4om brth,he just got his eyes 2day."


Every single person on the planet has a story.

Don't judge people before u truly know them.

The truth might surprise u.!

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Taseef (Posted On: 19 Nov, 2012)
Posted In: Moral SMS

Sabr ek aisi sawari hai Jo apny Sawaar ko kbhi Girny nhi Deti.

Na kisi k qadmon main

Na kisi ki nazron se.

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Tania (Posted On: 06 Nov, 2012)
Posted In: Moral SMS

Once a Bird asked a Bee, 'you work so hard, to get honey & people steal that from you, don't you feel sad?'

Bee replied, 'no, becoz they can never steal my art of making honey!'

Keep your attitude positive. Be like little "Bee" small in size but big at heart..!!

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Jill (Posted On: 03 Nov, 2012)
Posted In: Moral SMS

Truth Revealed!

If Saturday and Sunday don't excite you, then change your friends..


If Monday doesn't motivate you then change your profession!!

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Rani (Posted On: 03 Nov, 2012)
Posted In: Moral SMS

Gunah pe sharminda hona nidamat hy aur usey chor dena ehsas hy.

Nidamat se ehsas tak k safar ko tauba kehte hen aur tauba insan ko shaitan se juda rakhti hy.

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Kitty (Posted On: 27 Oct, 2012)
Posted In: Moral SMS

Everything You Want In Life Is Waiting For You Outside of Your Comfort-Zone And Inside of Your Effort-Zone You Just Have To Make A Move.

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Erum (Posted On: 27 Oct, 2012)
Posted In: Moral SMS

Rab or insan sy m0habt mai kya farq hai?

Insan se mOhabt Apki sb se bari kamz0ri bn jati hai


Rab sy m0habt Apki sab se bari taaqat ban jati hai

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summaiya (Posted On: 24 Oct, 2012)
Posted In: Moral SMS

1 Badshah ney khwab dekha k us k tmam daant gir gaey.

Badshah ney 1 tabeer btaney waley ko bulwaya.

Usney kaha, "Badshah slamat! Aap k tmam bacchey aap k samney mar jaein gey.

Badshah ney usko jootey lagwaey.

Phir 1 or sey tabeer poochhi.

Us ney kaha, 'Badshah slamat! Mubarak ho, aapki umer aapki tmam olaad sey zyadah hey.'

Badshah ney usko heerey jwahiraat sey laad dya.


Baat 1 hi hey, mgr masbat soch or musbat andaz e byan surat e haal ko aap k haq mey ker deytey heyn.

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Sony Xperia miroRs.14,000
Sony Xperia URs.17,500
Sony Xperia SRs.30,500
Sony Xperia PRs.22,500
Sony Xperia neo LRs.16,500
Sony Xperia solaRs.17,500
Sony Xperia tipo dualRs.12,500
Sony Xperia goRs.18,500
Sony Xperia ionRs.32,000
Sony Xperia JRs.15,500
Sony Xperia ZRs.35,000
Sony Xperia ZLRs.47,500
Sony Xperia SLRs.32,000
Sony Xperia E dualRs.13,000
Sony Xperia SPRs.24,000
Sony Xperia LRs.19,000
Sony Xperia TXRs.32,000
Sony Xperia VRs.31,000
Sony Xperia MRs.17,000
Sony Xperia ZRRs.40,999
Sony Xperia Z UltraRs.46,000
Sony Xperia Z1Rs.44,000
Sony Xperia CRs.24,000
Sony Xperia Z1 CompactRs.45,000
Sony Xperia T2 UltraRs.36,500
Sony Xperia E1Rs.15,000
Sony Xperia M2Rs.Coming Soon
Sony Xperia Z2Rs.60,000
Sony Xperia T3Rs.Coming Soon
Sony Xperia Z2aRs.54,000
Sony Xperia C3Rs.Coming Soon
Sony Xperia M2 AquaRs.Coming Soon
Sony Ericsson K330Rs.5,100
Sony Ericsson W395Rs.9,500
Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 miniRs.17,500
Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini proRs.14,000
Sony Ericsson Xperia arc SRs.25,000
Sony Ericsson Xperia rayRs.18,000
Sony Ericsson Xperia X8Rs.15,000
Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAYRs.20,500
Sony Ericsson Xperia NeoRs.20,500
Sony Ericsson W205Rs.6,500
Voice V300Rs.2,000
Voice V250Rs.2,000
Voice V200Rs.1,750
Voice V380Rs.3,100
Voice V650Rs.4,250
Voice V390Rs.3,100
Voice V210Rs.1,600
Voice V395Rs.3,100
Voice V850Rs.5,700
Voice V140Rs.2,350
Voice V160Rs.2,650
Voice V180Rs.2,950
Voice V150Rs.2,800
Voice V165Rs.2,850
Voice V144Rs.2,350
Voice V185Rs.3,200
Voice V145Rs.2,750
Voice V142Rs.2,300
Voice V110Rs.2,500
Voice V155Rs.3,100
Voice V190Rs.3,300
Voice V177Rs.2,950
Voice V130Rs.1,750
Voice V175Rs.2,950
Voice V440Rs.2,150

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