QMobile Noir S6 Review

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QMobile Noir S6 Review

QMobile Noir S6 Review


Qmobile Noir S6 is mid range mobile phone from Qmobile which has 5 inch HD IPS screen with 720p resolution. Phone has 13mp back and 5mp front camera. Phone is powered by 1.3ghz quadcore processor and 2gb of RAM. The main feature of the phone is finger print sensor which is located on the front of the phone below screen.

Qmobile Noir S6 Unboxing

  • Qmobile Noir S6
  • Semi transparent plastic case
  • Date cable
  • Headphones
  • Wall charger
  • 2500mAh battery
  • User guide
  • Warranty card


Lets start with call quality of the phone. Call quality is very good, voices are crisp and clear on both ends, I have not faced any problem at all during my test.


Let me give you physical overview of the phone. There is 5mp camera with notification LED on the front of the phone. 5 inch HD IPS touch screen display with 720p resolution and finger print sensor on the bottom. Micro usb port and 3.5mm jack on the top. Volume rockers and power button on the right. Microphone and speaker grill on the bottom, nothing is on the right. 13mp camera and led flash on the back along with Noir and Qmobile branding.

Phone might comes in different colors but right now only gold color is available in market. Build quality of Qmobile Noir S6 is solid but it is made of plastic that's why it is not feels very premium but definitely not cheap either.

Finger Print Sensor

Lets start with finger print sensor. Button is clickable but to unlock the device you only need to tap on that. Finger print sensor is fast but sometimes its not responding altogether for couple of minutes. If phone remains on standby mode for longer period of time then you need to press power button first to wakeup the phone and then finger print sensor to unlock the device.

You can use home button in 3 different ways. Either you can tap on it, Click on it or Long press.

It acts like back button if you just tap on it. If you click the button then it acts like home button and take you to home screen. There are couple of options if you press home button for long. Either it switch of the device or show google search.


Qmobile Noir S6 has 16gb of internal storage from which around 11gb is available out of the box. You can always expand internal storage through microsd card slot. Phone support upto 64gb card.

Phone comes with 2gb of ram from which 1.2gb is availble on first boot. Qmobile Noir S6 has 3G capabilities and two dedicated Mini Sim Card slots. So you can use two SIMs and Micros SD card simultaneously.

Sound is loud and clear. It is always good to have speakers at bottom of the phone rather than on the back. So if your phone lying on the desk speakers wont get muffled. Though it might get blocked while watching videos or playing games.


Qmobile Noir S6 has 5 inch HD IPS display with the resolution of 720p. Display looks bright and sharp.

Even though It is not FHD Display but you wont notice any pixel on the fonts. Color saturation is good however color tone is little bit on cooler side.

Viewing angles are good of the phone, you might notice some color shift on extreme angles but text remains visible. Sunlight visibility is acceptable, you can use this phone outside without any problem though it is not upto the mark of higher end phones but it is usable.


Qmobile Noir S6 is powered by 1.3ghz quad-core process with Mediatech MT6580 chipset. Phone also has 2gb of RAM and Mali-400 MP GPU.

Phone has Accelerometer, Proximity and Lights sensors.

Day to day performance is good but you might notice some lags, this issue is quite common with entry level smartphones which comes with 2gb of RAM. And because Qmobile Noir s6 is entry level phone so you can not compare it with high end mobile phone, neither you expect it to out performs Galaxy or iPhone.


Qmobile Noir S6 runs Android marshmallow 6.0. UI is very light and close to the stock Andriod. That's why phone performs well in day to day tasks.

There are couple of additional features added by Qmobile in settings. Like you can swap on screen navigational buttons.

Guesters like double tap to wake or flip to mute are missing, but there are sliding gestures provided by Qmobile from which you can use double finger gestures on home screen. Sliding down opens phonebook while sliding up launches messaging app.

Qmobile phones usually comes with numbers of bloatware and this phone is not exception. There is Gameloft folder in which there are 4 games which can not be deleted without rooting your device and because these are only trial version so you can not play them either but you have option to disable them.

Some useful apps are also preinstalled on the phone, like Filemanager, AppManager, Facebook and WhatsApp.


Qmobile Noir S6 comes with 2500mAh user replaceable battery.

I usually prefer user replaceable battery specially country like us where power fluctuation is the common issue and your battery is the component which get effected the most. If you are using expensive mobile phone or the phone with non removable battery I recommend to use good quality power bank for charging your phone.

Battery timing on Qmobile Noir S6 is average. Even though it has low powered cpu and only 720p display. I get around 4 hours of screen on time. I used phone with highest brightness during my testing so it is quite possible you might get better battery time, as battery time depends on how you use your phone. It takes around 2 hours to charge the device.


Qmobile Noir S6 comes with 13mp back and 5mp front camera. Camera interface is very old and such interface was used in Android Jelly Beans OS.

Even though it is selfie oriented phone but this phone has only 5mp front camera which is a bummer. Picture quality of front camera is average. if you are a person who heavily relies on selfie then I suggest you to look for other option.

Final Verdict

Do I recommend this phone? Yes I am. I personally like this phone there are more good reasons to buy this phone.

Here is my final verdict. Let me break down it to pros and cons.


Good build quality.

Better display in this price segment.

Good day to day performance.

Finger print sensor though it is as very responsive but at least we have one.

Speakers are at bottom rather than back of the phone.


Average battery life.

Only 5mp front camera.