Nokia X7-00 Review


Nokia X7-00 Review

Nokia X7-00 Review


Nokia X7-00 is a Symbian Anna smart phone. Nokia X7-00 is one of the first smart phones to run Symbian Anna. Nokia X7-00 comes with large display of Gorilla Glass which is scratch and damage resistant and has 4 inch AMOLED screen which makes Nokia X7-00 perfect entertainer for its users. Nokia X7-00 has got everything for the users who are looking for a perfect music phone. Nokia X7-00 is best for music lovers as it has excellent audio quality and sound stereo speakers. Also user can easily scroll down the music album artwork and can control tunes directly from the front screen with a touch of the music applications.

Nokia X7-00 comes with lots of meaningful applications like Facebook, Twitter, and Ovi Maps. User can also have fun with other interesting applications available on Ovi. User will be thrilled to play high definition games on 4 inch AMOLED screen. One more advantage with Nokia X7-00 is built in Ovi and with the help of Ovi user will always know what is going around him. He can find the best things in his town like cafes, shops, hotels etc. User can also enjoy the best deals on the web with Adobe Flash video, animation and other interactive content on Nokia X7-00.

Nokia X7-00 has pretty fast connectivity so user has no need to wait longer for loading any stuff. Plus Nokia X7-00 new browser is improved and so easy to use. However there are few disadvantage too, one of them is that Symbian Anna is still catching up with Android and iOS. Nokia X7-00 Camera lacks auto focus which over sharpens images and office document editing facility is not available out of the box. Nokia X7-00 is a device which is designed in such a way that user feel like showing it to his friends. Designers had done a good job to catch the attention of people from Nokia X7-00 first looks. Bottom line about Nokia X7-00 is that it is good Symbian powered devices. Nokia X7-00 great screen and attractive design are its two biggest assets.

Key controls

On the front of Nokia X7-00 there is 4 inch screen, bottom of the screen there is a center key for accessing the menu. On the right bottom Nokia X7-00 has dedicated camera key and volume buttons are on the left side. Power key is on the top of Nokia X7-00 which also handles screen lock.


Nokia X7-00 is beautifully unique design with stainless steel finish. Nokia X7-00 4 inch touch screen adds more attraction in the design with its clear visibility and stunning looks. Combination of stainless steel and Gorilla glass makes Nokia X7-00 remarkably attractive.


  • Nokia X7-00 screen increase its value and the body with stainless steel gives a look of stealth jet fighter which makes its very attractive at first sight.
  • Nokia X7-00 4 inch 16M color AMOLED capacitive touchscreen gives impressive brightness and has Gorilla glass for protection.
  • Nokia X7-00 overall hardware design is appealing and Symbian Anna is a step in the right direction.
  • The tapered edges of the Nokia X7-00 gives an impression of something that is not really what it seems to be means being wider than it actually is. We have to admit it still feels wide in the hand, but its surprisingly lightweight for the size.
  • Nokia X7-00 large screen is ideal for multimedia and web browsing.
  • User will feel solid when holding Nokia X7-00, and this is mainly because of the build quality and materials used in Nokia X7-00.


Nokia X7-00 has some great messaging features and Nokia X7-00 messaging service accepts all types of messages. Nokia X7-00 message client works with POP3, SMTP, and IMAP4 protocols. Nokia X7-00 supports multiple email accounts.


  • Nokia X7-00 E-mail applications has great Exchange support. After sending out an "email to self", the Nokia X7 was the first one to (almost instantly) notify of a new e-mail.
  • If user inserts some multimedia content, the message is automatically transformed into an MMS.
  • User can setup Gmail account easily.
  • User can get his all contacts through Exchange Active Sync.
  • User will have no difficulty in setting up multiple accounts on Nokia X7-00 due to various security protocols support.
  • There is also a filter provided for various purposes for filtering such as date, sender, subject, priority or even by attachments, searching is available as well.
  • Nokia X7-00 allows user to schedule sending email next time when internet gets connected. This facility saves user data charges since user can use the next available WLAN connection.
  • Nokia X7-00 also carries support for attachments, signatures and basically everything user would normally need on a mobile device.

Audio quality

Nokia X7-00 speaker promises to give great sound quality. There are 4 powerfull speakers with Dolby surrounding available on four corner of Nokia X7-00 which delivers a clear and smooth sound. User will find Nokia X7-00 shining when its speakers are on.


  • User will find the best quality sound and can get alert types sounds such as vibration, MP3 and WAV ringtones.
  • User will enjoy listening music, FM radio with RDS as Nokia X7-00 offers four speakers with Dolby Surrounding.
  • Nokia X7-00 drop no calls due to its solid performance.


Nokia X7-00 battery stands by up to 450 hours and has up to six and a half hours of talk time. Nokia X7-00 battery is not very impressive.


  • Battery performance is not very impressive, if user is continuously using the phone than it lasts for one and a half day which is not enough for user.
  • Battery is little disappointing for travellers because they will get battery for around two days of full use at most.


Nokia X7-00 is having a 680 MHz ARM 11 processor which result in better performance and with this speed user phone will never hang.


  • Nokia X7-00 is supported by Symbian OS and have an 680 MHz ARM 11 processor, due to which user will enjoy 3D Graphics HW accelerator with quality performance.


  • Nokia X7-00 performance has little drawback too, suppose if user open too many applications and when they start filling up ,user will have to close some in order to get better performance while working on some applications.


Nokia X7-00 has 8 mp camera having resolution of 3264x2448pixels. Camera comes with some good features like fixed focus, face detection, geo-tagging, dual-LED flash and video recording options.


  • Nokia X7-00 features like fixed focus, face detection, geo-tagging, dual-LED flash and video recording options makes the camera entertaining for the users.


  • Nokia X7-00 is not a winner when it comes to image quality as if camera is 8 mp. Noise reduction spoiled most of the fine detail in the picture.
  • The Nokia X7 makes user frustrated when its very aggressive noise reduction smudges away most of the fine detail in the picture.
  • Roughness appears due to sharpness which damage image quality. Although user can reduce the sharpness setting to low, which make rough and irritation less but not completely removed, it will remain there.
  • One major feature of autofocus is missing which cause problem when user tries to take close ups. User will not be able to take snap which is closer than 50 cm.


Memory comes with 8 GB inbuilt Memory with 350 MB RAM.


  • Nokia X7-00 has got 8 GB inbuilt memory which can be expanded up to 32 GB.
  • User is able to enjoy unlimited entries, photo call, images, contacts and other stuffs etc.

FM radio

FM radio comes with RDS. FM radio is reasonably good and can be use comfortably. FM radio is an additional entertaining feature.


  • Nokia X7-00 has simple interface, which can be used easily and can search new stations alike with sweep gestures or user can use virtual buttons.
  • User is able to auto-tune to his selected radio station when travelling due to RDS support and automatic support for alternative frequency.

Should I buy Nokia X7-00 or not?

Nokia X7-00 is a pricey set so before buying user will think "Should I buy Nokia X7-00 or not?". No doubt Nokia X7-00 is an expensive set but then it is a gadget providing a lot of technology. Nokia X7-00 comes equipped with some sophisticated features like gaming and music. Nokia X7-00 is best for those who want an entertainment in their free time. User can satisfy his appetite with pleasing music which comes with superb installations.

One feature which is most important for every user is messaging and Nokia X7-00 is up to user expectations when talk about messaging. SMS, MMS, E-mail, Push E-mail and IM works perfect to convey user thoughts and message in an impressive way. Nokia X700 Network Support enhances its efficiency level with both 2G (GSM) and 3G (HSDPA) network.

Nokia X7-00 has some lacking's too like one of them is camera. If you are looking for good camera which produces quality images than Nokia X7-00 is not for you. Camera lacks autofocus and over sharpens images. There is not much wrong with Nokia X7-00. Now leaving aside its pros and cons, Nokia X7-00 bottom line is that it is the best Symbian which makes it excellent choice for users. Nokia designers had done a great job on its built and design which makes it's a device which we can show off to our friends.