LG Optimus Pad Review


LG Optimus Pad Review

LG Optimus Pad Review


LG Optimus Pad is the first tablet which has 3D support. LG Optimus Pad is knows as European cousin of the T-Mobile G-Slate tablet. The tablet has 8.9 inches display screen which make everything look crisp and sharp. LG Optimus Pad carries Android 3.0, Honeycomb OS with 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra2 AP20H Dual core processor. If we compare Android 3.0 operating system with previous Android operating systems, it has user friendly changes like at its bottom unique task bar is available which looks like desktop windows. And this unique task bar is very convenient for doing multi tasks. There are two 5 mp camera with LED flash which supports 3D video recording and photo shooting 3D. But user won't be able to watch 3D effect on the LG Optimus Pad, user need glasses to watch tablet screen, so that user will be able to enjoy the 3D effect. Also user can watch by streaming the signal via HDMI 1.4 to a compatible 3D TV or monitor. LG Optimus Pad has large capacity battery of 6400mAh. Standby time can reach 273 hours, user can make call for 9 hours 20 minutes.

Overall LG Optimus Pad is fast and responsive device and the screen is nice and sharp, so is the battery performs well as expected by the user. LG Optimus Pad makes it unique among other tablets because of its 3D video recording and shooting. User will also feel nice to hold LG Optimus Pad in one hand which is necessary for a tablet.


LG Optimus Pad is well built. User can easily hold with one hand as it weights 630g and measures 243 x 149 x 12.5mm. . LG Optimus Pad screen is neither as small as 7 inch nor as big as a 10 inch like a net book. LG Optimus Pad has a convinient 8.9 inch sceen which is quite sharp and crisp capacitive touchscreen with 16 million colors.


  • LG Optimus Pad is well built and feels solid when hold in hand.


  • LG Optimus Pad has plastic backing which makes it cheap as compared to metal back of iPad 2 or HTC Flyer.
  • If user has greasy hands, than it will not be easy to clean LG Optimus Pad, user will be forever cleaning his LG Optimus Pad.
  • LG Optimus Pad weight 630 grams is considerably heavier and thicker than other tablets of this size.
  • LG Optimus Pad is comfortable to hold in one hand but after sometime its weight 630g make user start feeling heavier and he need a firm grip for holding it for long.
  • There is also issue of missing expansion port for not giving microSD slot.


LG Optimus Pad has 8.9 inch screen, which can be held vertically with one hand. LG Optimus Pad resolution is high enough on the 8.9-inch display for everything to look crisp and sharp. LG Optimus Pad has advantage over dimensions over Motorola Xoom. LG Optimus Pad dimensions are 243 x 149 x 12.5mm whereas Motorola Xoom measures 249.1 x 167.8 x 12.9mm, 730g. So LG Optimus Pad has got the edge over the Xoom as far as form factor goes.


  • LG Optimus Pad screen is the rite size of watching movies.
  • LG Optimus Pad screen resolution is high enough for 8.9 inch display to give sharp and crisp look to everything.
  • Motion on LG Optimus Pad is handled well, and it's responsive.
  • With 8.9 inch screen, user can enjoy a variety of application with a high resolutions i.e. 1280x768 pixel.
  • The manufacturers of LG Optimus Pad have control the power of Tegra 2's dual core CPU in an organized way which makes LG Optimus Pad lag free.


  • LG Optimus Pad has one drawback that it does suffer in direct sunlight and if user compares it with Xoom and Galaxy Tab 10.1V user will notice that the screen is not bright on the LG Optimus Pad.
  • As it is hard to see anything in daylight and also it is very difficult to find a proper viewing angle to LG Optimus Pad.


LG Optimus Pad is the world's first tablet with a built-in 3D camera. LG Optimus Pad consists of dual 5 mp camera with auto focus which is the main camera and 2 mp front facing secondary camera. LG Optimus Pad camera features stereoscopic photos and videos, geo tagging. If user wants to take fun of videos and photographs, than user have to use bicolor glasses or HDMI cable which is connected to a TV with 3D technology.


  • LG Optimus Pad is the pioneer of the tablet that carries the 3D camera in the world.
  • LG Optimus Pad camera interface is simple. User can get lots of option from extra setting menu like flash settings, white balance, color effects and scenes on a convenient dial as well as resolution settings, picture quality and focus mode as well
  • Photos from the back camera come out quite pleasant and colors are also good.
  • User can upload video directly to YouTube with its 3D intact, so user will not worry about processing clip on his computer. But most of the people do not have a 3D TV and the only way is to get it to work on a 2D screen is to use red-blue 3D glasses.
  • The front camera of 2 mp is perfect for video chat.


  • One little drawback is that user won't be able to watch 3D video unless user have a glasses-free parallax 3D or laptop. Otherwise it will become headache to watch video even on the tablet itself.
  • LG Optimus Pad camera is not capable of taking 3D still images due to unavailability of software.


LG Optimus Pad comes with pre-installed applications, such as YouTube and Google Talk. LG Optimus Pad improved applications offer a great package of eBooks, user can access over 3 million free books and can also purchase them. Another big facility is of Google maps which provide all details of city view, 3D angles, street view and Maps for navigation.


  • LG Optimus Pad speed of 3G makes user entertain with watching videos in YouTube.
  • LG Optimus Pad also has facility of social networking service applications like Twitter, Facebook etc.

Battery Life

LG Optimus Pad has large capacity battery of 6400mAh. Standby time can reach 273 hours, user can make call for 9 hours 20 minutes. Battery life of LG Optimus Pad depends on the number of applications runing on the background. If user is using heavy application than it will surely go down, but if user is browsing or using lite application, the battery will run for 7 hours approximately.


LG Optimus Pad has Wi-Fi connectivity. User can browse the internet by 3G HSDPA, HDUPA networks. LG Optimus Pad comes with Stereo Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP, EDR.


  • If user wants to access 3G, user only needs a standard SIM card and no additional micro SIM card.
  • User can use push email facility to access email quickly.
  • User will have much better viewing experience with mini HDMI ports that lets user connect LG Optimus Pad to a bigger screen.
  • User can listen to songs and attend calls without disturbing others with the help of standard 3.5 mm jack.
  • User can store or move data on LG Optimus Pad with the help of USB v2.0 slot that allows user to connect LG Optimus Pad to another external hard disk.
  • Bluetooth is superb, so is the microHDMI port that allows high definition TV without an adapter. LG Optimus Pad has HDMI cable.


  • There is no microSD card slot.
  • User has to keep the proprietary charger at hand all the times because LG Optimus Pad does not enable charging off USB.

Android 3.0 Honey Comb

LG Optimus Pad runs on the latest version of Android 3.0 OS i.e. Honeycomb. Honeycomb іѕ a version of Android mobile Operating system whісh іѕ specially customized for tablets. Honeycomb offers great stuff like multi-tasking, newly designed applications like Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, system notification bar and true tabbed browsing.


  • LG Optimus Pad is powered by Android 3.0 Honey comb. Android 3.0 supports larger display resolutions.
  • Android 3.0 offers better performance, thinner and lighter design.
  • LG Optimus Pad Android 3.0 interface lets user browse and search hundreds of application quickly.

Should I buy LG Optimus Pad or not?

One way for shopping for any device is to be realistic by considering which are the things that are basic needs of a user. Naturally this all depends on user's priorities. Before buying any tablet user have to see size, dimensions, display etc. LG Optimus Pad is better in terms of size, weight and handling. LG Optimus Pad is the pioneer for supporting 3D is one of key considerations which enhance LG Optimus Pad productivity. LG Optimus Pad 8.9 inch display screen gives a pleasant output with better vision of watching movies but with the help of glasses. LG Optimus Pad performance is better than its competitors in the market.

If a user need camera with good image quality than LG Optimus Pad is suitable for the user. LG Optimus Pad connectivity and pre-installed applications are also big advantages.

But there are some flaws as well like when holding LG Optimus Pad, user will feel heavy after sometime and biggest problem is unavailability of card slot for external memory, although 32Gb internal memory is plenty enough for storage. It is also lacking in call recording facility.