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Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab

Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab Review

Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab is a new arrival in the mobile world. In tele-communication market Samsung mobiles have gained a huge popularity due to its exclusive features and specifications. Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab is one of the popular devices. Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab price is down to earth so everyone can easily afford it. Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab runs on Android OS.

Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab mesmerizes its users from its all new marvelous features like with tablets fabulous touch screen and amazing picture quality. Working with Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab, user will feel that he is engage with everyone just like his PC or laptop. One great thing is tablets connectivity with the support of Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-Fi and GPS. The way features are designed helps in performing enhanced entertaining experience to the users. On Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab, user can easily manage and organize data in an effective way.

Nokia C3-01 Touch and Type

Nokia C3-01 Touch and Type Review

Nokia C3-01 Touch and Type is a slim design compact phone. Nokia C3-01 Touch and Type includes 5 mega pixel fixed-focus camera, bluetooth, microSD card slot (32 GB supported), Wi-Fi, GPS with a-GPS support, social network apps, Stereo FM radio with RDS and Music player. Nokia C3-01 Touch and Type comes in warm grey, golden khaki and silver color. Its price is quite reasonable so users can afford this phone. Its touch screen is very responsive. The Nokia C3-01 Touch and Type features excellent build quality, and the stainless steel casing is cool to the touch. Nokia C3-01 Touch and Type has all qualities of becoming best sellers with it reasonable price and few powerful features.

Nokia C7

Nokia C7 Review

Nokia C7 is beautifully design handset with AMOLED touch screen. The Nokia C7 is similar to Nokia N8 in few ways like It has got the same blazing fast penta-band 3G, a 3.5" nHD AMOLED capacitive touch screen, a 680MHz CPU and 256MB RAM, which are some good figures for the efficient Symbian OS. Nokia C7 is slimmer which is something people will appreciate. And more importantly it is cheaper as compared to other mobiles of Nokia.

Nokia E7

Nokia E7 Review

Nokia E7 is a smart phone and it offers both the touch screen and QWERTY. It sports a handy full QWERTY keyboard. Nokia E7 targeted at business users that runs the Symbian^3 operating system. It has stunning 4 inch touch display. It has business grade security solutions such as device lock and wipe, secure intranet access and device management. User can get live updates from Face book, twitter etc. Nokia E7 comes in variety of colors like Dark Grey, Silver White, Green, Blue, and Orange. Its features help business men to carry out day to day activity.

Nokia C5

Nokia C5 Review

Nokia C5 is best for those who need a mobile under certain limit of budget. It is specially made for those who can easily afford it. It looks good and cost effective. Nokia C5 is convenient in a way to keep you connected with your friends and family and important people in your life. You can use instant messaging, email and easily check your Face book profile and update your status. It has the convenience of maps and navigation, pictures sharing, music, web browsing, messaging, social networking.