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Shafaqat Ali (Posted On: 31 Dec, 2013)
Husband & Wife SMS


Wife on Husband,s Birthday. Kya gift dun ?

HUSBAND Meri Izzat karo. Tameez se baat kia karo. Yehi kafi hay.

WIFE Nahi Main to gift hi dungi

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Saniya Khan (Posted On: 31 Dec, 2013)
Funny / Jokes SMS

Tom & Jerry

Arab couple went 2 London, in the hotel room, husband heard his wife scream 'Faar Faar' (arabic word for Mouse)

He wanted to inform Room Service but didnt know English word for Faar.

Husband: Hello Room Service?

Room Service: Yes Sir, how can I help you?

Husband: you know Tom & Jerry?

Room Service: Yes Sir, I know.

Husband: Walla Habibi, JERRY is here, in our Room...!!

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Amna Akthar (Posted On: 31 Dec, 2013)
Funny / Jokes SMS

Confused Alarm Clock

Message by Confused Alarm Clock to Dear Human, . . . . . . .

You get Mad when I wake you up & you also get Mad when I don't wake you..

"What is that you Exactly want from ME?" ..

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Noor Khan (Posted On: 31 Dec, 2013)
Funny / Jokes SMS

Understand Women

Don't Try To Understand Women

Women Understand Women And They Hate Each Other ...!! -) Tounge

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Hajra Khan (Posted On: 31 Dec, 2013)
Funny / Jokes SMS


Dad's writes on son's facebook wall:

Dear Son, how are you? All are fine here. We miss you a lot.

Please turn off the computer and come down for dinner.

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